X15 as PCIe End point

We are looking for a Processor board which can act as PCIe Gen2 End point X1 lane. We came across X15 board. Please clarify:

  1. Whether X15 can be configured as PCIe End point. Are relevant Linux Ubuntu drivers to configure as End point available for X15 board?

  2. If we use separate clock concept, are the only TX and RX D/E signals sufficient to take from the BB X15 board?

Hi @sri55 have you been the same user asking about this on IRC?

See: https://training.ti.com/enabling-pcie-end-point-ep-mode-sitara-am57x-using-processor-sdk-linux

Note: You should really talk to TI, as this won’t be supported by the Community, due to the custom boards/etc needed to help test…