X15 Availability

Previously a shipping date of the middle of December was mentioned. Has this date changed?

Yes. We hope to start shipping in February. We had to make some design changes in order to pass FCC.


Curious what you had to change for FCC?

I’m curious too about what you had to change to comply FCC.


The layout of the printed circuit board as it pertains to the HDMI interface and its routing. We also cleaned up the power rail routing and made several other required changes along the way.


Is there any update on the shipping date?
Are you still expecting to start shipping this month?

We are working to get about 150 of the current revision out in the next few weeks to one distributor. We had some of the Rev A2 versions PCBs still available so we are working to build those up.

If you look at http://elinux.org/Beagleboard:BeagleBoard-X15 you will see the latest official update on the Rev B version.



I am very thankful if you update me about when Rev B can be ready for purchase, I want work with that in our new Year holidays, If it not very big change against Rev A, do you prefer me Rev A for my R&Ds and tests?
I’m from Iran and new year is near.

For the most part, Rev A and B work about the same. Most changes are layout related.


Any update on the availability?

We expect to have the rev B1 boards in three weeks.
We will test the boards after they are assembled…
Then we will do the FCC testing.
IF it passes FCC, we should have boards out four four weeks after that.

So figure 8 weeks +/- from today.


Greeting Gerald. Any info on specific stores that will be selling the first batch of X15 REV-B1 boards?

We may be getting 200 or so of the current version out in a few weeks. The latest version is still a ways out due to a PCB fab issue.



Any update on shipping dates for the X15?
The page at http://elinux.org/Beagleboard:BeagleBoard-X15 says that assembly is on hold. Is this still the case, or have the boards been built and are out for FCC testing?



We have not built any boards yet. When we do, I will update the status. When the status changes it will be updated.