X15 board layout files in ASCII format

is it possible to get the X15 board layout files in the ASCII format or does anyone can make them available , using Altium ver 15 / 16 and it not possible to import the *.brd file without Allegro installed ?

Thanks, Pete

Why not start with the version that is already on the WIKI?



Sorry! You want the X15. I will try and get something out in a couple of weeks or so. Loaded at the moment.


Hi Gerald

no rush for these , would be nice to have them in October time frame
downloaded the Allegro viewer which allowed me to determine the coordinates for the board stacking connectors


I would recommend looking for your local Altium User group. I found that several Altium users also has Allegro licenses and were willing to do the conversion from bin to ascii for me.


Hi Gerald,

Any update on importing the X15 design into Alitum? I have the schematic, but having trouble importing the PCB without Allegro.