X15 ESATA/SATA Boot up order

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I am new to the X15. I have an XM since it came out and have done many projects with it. I have recently purchased and X15. My desire is to boot from a SATA drive connected to the ESATA port. I have verified when booted from the MMC card the SATA drive is bootable, can mount and it works well. I imaged the SATA drive with the X15 image, In my case SDA1 is the first partition created. I have removed R444 and placed a jumper I believe what is J3 pins 1-2 and have left the R444 resister solder points/mounts empty. When I try to boot off of the SATA drive the board times out and powers down. The instructions are a little vague on the on instructions with in the user manual. I had a similar problem when the partition was enlarged on the MMC card to 32 gigs, the boot process would timeout. I used the grow_partition.sh script which fixed the time out issue with the MMC card. If I hold the X15 board orienting J3, J4,J6 at the upper right corner hand corner, And join pins 1-2 -- most left hole moving right towards the center pin, there orientation is horizontal I believe. The board as I mention powers up and then times out and shuts down. I have tried with the MMC in and out no avail. I have also purchased two boards at a pretty steep price and would like to pass them out to family members with the hopes of purchasing additional boards. But the ESATA/SATA issue is stopping me and I don't want to return the second board to DIGIKEY. I cant return the first board well because I modified it by removing the resistor.

Is the image I used on the SATA drive incorrect or need an adjustment? Are the PIN orientation as I understand it incorrect.

Held the X15 so that the ON switch is the upper left and jumpers are upper right hand corner.

The drive spins up when I power up the board. So I know the ESATA port is powering up with the board.

Ethernet | | XX0 | J3 Short 1 and 2
Connector> > 000 | J4
         > > 000 | J6

Drive Manufacturer is the SEAGATE IRON WOLF.

I have also run ( apt-get -y update && and apt-get -y upgrade )

Can you please help? Is there an alternate way of booting off of the ESATA port

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I have several revisions of the X15, including the latest one. I plugged the board to the LCD board that came with the TI evaluation kit and tried to boot from an SSD that I plugged in. I set up the jumpers (as available in the earlier revisions) but was not able to boot the board. My impression is that UBOOT doesn’t have that option enabled.

What I have done is boot using either the uSD or MMC modules and setup the root file system in the SSD drive.

This is part of my fstab, to give you an idea:

/dev/sda1 / ext4 noatime,errors=remount-ro 0 1
/dev/mmcblk0p1 /microSD ext4 noatime,errors=remount-ro 0 1

/microSD/boot /boot none bind 0 0


Hi Rafael,

The way I was able to get the X15 to boot from the SATA drive was to run the secondary image script locate in the /opt/scripts/tools/developer directory. Once that script is complete basically what you do is comment out the uuid line thats resident on the micro sd drive /boot/uEnv.txt and replace it with the uuid line that accompanies the sata's drive version of boot/uEnv.txt. A friend of mine just bought the X15 the kernel was correct and all I had to do was the steps listed above. But I am looking into getting the boot process completely handled via UBoot and the Sata drive. So that the micro sd does need to be there and the redirection from the micro sd card to the Sata drive does not need to occur when the X15 is in the boot phase.

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That is the same thing I did. The real problem is getting the board to actually read the boot loader off of the external drive and as far as I can tell from my previous attempts, that functionality may not be enabled or implemented.

Hi Every Body I am back on the beagle X15 and have done some nice stuff since I last commented on this message board. I would to take on the boot process and would like to make use of the missing boot headers. I understand according to the schematic document there a couple of resistors that should be removed in order to control the boot sequence. At the moment I am using /boot/uEnv.txt and /etc/fstab to control the boot sequence. But If I could control the boot sequence from the missing headers that would be great. I just need to know according to page 61 which resistors is the documentation referring to? The help would be deeply appreciated.

Thanks in advance