x15 expansion connectors



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Is the part number/spec for the expansion connector available somewhere or still waiting for public release? Was unable to find anything with go-ogle

Gerald Coley


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Feb 19

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Mating connector is Hirose FX18-60S-0.8SV15

It is in the System Reference manual.
The connector for the X15 is also listed in the BOM, but you need the mating connector for the one in the BOM.


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Gerald any news on a future beagleboard x15 cape ?


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Is there maybe any discussion on making a commercially-available breakout board for the X15’s expansion header connectors?

So maybe the mating Hirose connector plugs into 1/4 expansion headers on the BB-X15 and attaches to a breadboard through a short ribbon cable?

Just curious…

Thanks in adv!

I have of these already designed, but I don’t have the time to get these into production at the moment.


Hi I am looking for a way to get an fpga board to connect to the beagleboard x15, a breakout board would help. Is there any news on whether this is available.
Thank you