x15 STEP file?

Is there an x15 STEP CAD file available anywhere?



Any chance of getting one? I'd like to design an enclosure for the x15.

No, we never did one. We did not do the profiles for all of the parts on the board.


Oh, that's a pity. Makes it hard to know exactly where to place cutouts along the edges. I mean, I can measure it with calipers, but it's hard to get it accurate. In particular, I wanted to have the reset button insert into a boss on the enclosure to protect it from accidental presses.

If you could Import the board into Altium it is pretty easy to create the step file. Here is how that works. For each connector, add the 3D step file from the connector manufacturer, align connectors to board and pads and then export the complete board in step. I estimate that is would take a few hours to get this done.

I think someone asked for the Alegro ascii file which is necessary to import the board into Altium, but so far I think Gerald hasn’t got this done.


I don't have Altium.

You don’t know of anyone with Altium? Try and find your local Altium user group and see if someone will help you.


I’m wondering if this can be done with Eagle. It might be possible to import the gerber file, create the PCB from that and then add the connectors 3D parts. Perhaps someone who knows Eagle might comment.


Eagle does not support import of Gerbers.
It will output Gerbers of boards you have designed.
Only the latest (Autodesk) Eagle 8 version will support 3-D parts.
— Graham

Yeah, I just checked and V8 does import gerber files

Seems like Eagle uses ecad.io for 3D parts. This might work for you as it seems to import Allegro files.


Older versions of Eagle can do 3D exports. The process flow I have used with
Eagle6 is -

Generate a ENM file from the ULP exporter.
Convert the ENM to a suitable 3D file format STEP
Import there STEP file into MCAD

There are suppose to be ULPs that can generate a SAT but that triggers a bug
in my MCAD importer.

The problem is still associating components with models. But that is the
problem that makes it complex to do in Allegro.

For case design, a rough model can be created by:
- Make DXF export of the board (Gerber conversion or open file in Allegro and
output a DXF). Goal is to get a 2D outline of the board with cutouts, holes,
- Import DXF into MCAD and extrude it to the thickness of the PCB (0.062)
- Create an assembly with the extruded board and place the larger components
(connectors usually). A lot of connectors have locating pins that can be used
to locate the model.

A little more work but workable.

ASCII file for the X15. As is.


BB_X15_revB1.BRD.ZIP (2.56 MB)

Thanks for those suggestions, but that's way too much work. I guess I'll just design a minimal enclosure for my specific needs.