XDS560R configuration setup for BeagleBoard

So early, I asked about programming the NAND flash using the
Flyswatter and OpenOCD. As others have noted, OpenOCD support for the
Cortex A8 is still in progress. Anyways, I decided to dig up our old
XDS560R USB JTAG emulator which we used on our TI Davinci board a
couple years ago. I wrote to TI tech support and they said it's
compatible with the OMAP3530. So I digged up our CCS 3.2 software and
to my surprise, I was able to still upgrade to CCS 3.3 Release version
12, which has support for the OMAP3530. So software-wise and emulator-
wise, I should be able to talk to the BeagleBoard with what I have.
Unfortunately, the connector on the XDS560R is 20-pin and the
BeagleBoard JTAG connector is 14-pin. Do I have to buy the 20-pin to
14-pin adapter (http://www.spectrumdigital.com/product_info.php?
&products_id=185)? I want to make sure because $249 for an adapter is
not cheap. Has anyone been able to use such a setup to flash the NAND
flash? If so, can you please share your BeagleBoard CCS GEL
configuration file? We're getting our custom OMAP3 board in a couple
weeks and I will be using this setup to debug initially. Thanks!