Xenoami with working PRUs on Debian in 2020


I am using the pocket beagle for a project and I am unable to set up a proper Xenomai Kernel with working remoteproc (PRUs).

The Kernels I tried lost the /sys/class/remoteproc/remoteproc 1 to 2 interface, used to interact with the PRUs as soon as i patched Xenomai.

This even happened when using the ready to use Xenomai Kernels from RobertCNelson.
I was not able to find some obvious errors Uboot and the Kernel start up fine, without any error. But dmesg is missing the remoteproc initialisation (but Xenomai seams to run fine).

I found a lot of discussion in the forums, but most of it seams to be old/stale information by now.

Where to I start to get a Xenomai Kernel with working PRUs, which I can use with the default debian Image?

If you could provide me with a few pointers I would be very thankful :slight_smile:

I found the problem, for some reason the PRU remoteproc feature was disabled => search for CONFIG_PRU_REMOTEPROC in the kernel .config.
Don’t forget to add the correct overlay to your uEnv.txt and to load the modules when configured a module.

Is there any reason the xenomai kernel disables this feature per default or can I enable it again?
If so why not set this option to m for all BB kernel variants?