Xenomai ABI Mismatch

Hi all,

Recently built a fresh Debian 11 image for BeagleBone Black. I installed the kernel package linux-image-5.4.93-ti-xenomai-r25 from the rcn repos. When I try to run my xenomai application, I get the following output:

   0"000.000| BUG in low_init(): [main] ABI mismatch: required r16, provided r17

Looking at the xenomai code in lib/cobalt/init.c, it seems like the kernel is providing a newer ABI than is expected by the runtime. The runtime packages claim they’re for 3.0.13, but /proc/xenomai/version says 3.1:

debian@beaglebone:~$ dpkg -l | grep 'xenomai'
ii  libxenomai-v3.0-dev                 3.0.13-git20220802.0-0~bullseye+20220827 armhf        Headers and static libs for Xenomai
ii  libxenomai1-v3.0                    3.0.13-git20220802.0-0~bullseye+20220827 armhf        Shared libraries for Xenomai
ii  linux-headers-5.4.93-ti-xenomai-r25 1bullseye                                armhf        Linux kernel headers for 5.4.93-ti-xenomai-r25 on armhf
ii  linux-image-5.4.93-ti-xenomai-r25   1bullseye                                armhf        Linux kernel, version 5.4.93-ti-xenomai-r25
ii  xenomai-v3.0-runtime                3.0.13-git20220802.0-0~bullseye+20220827 armhf        Xenomai runtime utilities
debian@beaglebone:~$ cat /proc/xenomai/version

Is there somewhere else that I can acquire the 3.1 libraries/runtime, or should I bite the bullet and build myself?


Oh Xenomai has always been fun… Correct the 3.0.x builds won’t work on a kernel built with 3.1.x abi…

Please give this a try, as i’ve been working on the ci side of git.beagleboard.org: README.md · main · BeagleBoard.org / ci-xenomai-v3.1.x · GitLab

Files in repo: Index of /public


Looks like this sorted it.