xM Beginner Questions !!!!

hi guys, I just received a BB xM. I wanna start learning it but since
it's a lot different than previous version of BB. I dont really trust
the old instruction for starting with BB on wiki. (im careful, dont
wanna mess up the SD card they sent with BB)

Since Im a total beginner I wanna know what should I do to have
Angstrom running on my xM, having internet connection via ethernet/

And anybody can tell me how to install openCV 2.1 on BB and python
interface with it too?
Thanks !!!

Monsieur Boucher,

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Fisrt of all you must find 5VDC power source and plug it into your Beagleboard. All the connectors at BB are well known and you can connect all the peripheral that you have: DVI/HDMI display, USB mouse/keyboard, Ethernet cable.

Did you try that? I believe not. If you did that you would find python there. About opencv and other stuff you can find a lot of messages here in mail-list. It is better to search for answers before asking again and again simple questions here

2010/11/9 Geoffroy Rivet-Sabourin <grsabourin@googlemail.com>

Hi Tran - I think you will find that the xM is actually easier to use than the rev C, as there are fewer cables and no NAND to worry about. It is best to pick up a handful of SD cards if you can, but if you must use the one that came with the board, you can preserve its contents by doing something like this:

dd if=/dev/sdX of=originalxm.img

where /dev/sdX is the letter your system has assigned to the card.

To get started, download a prebuilt version of MLO, u-boot.bin, uImage and the root filesystem from the Angstrom site and put them on a card in the same manner you did with rev C. You can install software using opkg - see the Angstrom manual for details.

Hope this helps & good luck


You might want to look at this tutorial to get you started. Once you
get this running you can add the packages that you like; like Python.


I also just recently got a Beagle-xM. :slight_smile: Here is what I did to get up and
running with Angstrom.

  1) You don't need to make any software changes for the Beagle-xM. Any
software images you built using OpenEmbedded will work on the Beagle-xM.

  2) For startup, I made an archive of the vfat partition of the SD card
that came with your Beagle-xM.

  3) Then I initialized a fresh SD card with a new vfat partition (70 MB)
and linux partition (rest of the card).

  4) Untar the archive you made in step 2 to the vfat partition of the
fresh new card created in step 3.

  5) Replace the kernel uImage on the new SD card with the kernel from the
software image you are going to use.

  6) Untar any software image created with OpenEmbedded to the Linux
partition of the new SD card.

  7)Don't forget to also untar the modules to the SD card into
/lib/modules/<kernel-version>. I just add "kernel-modules" to all OE recipes
to make sure this happens automatically when I build an image.

  8) Boot the Beagle-xM using the new SD card!

  9) Configure your networking. If you are setup to use DHCP (I use static
IP addresses) then the Beagle-xM should come right up on your network.

  This should get you up and running fast.


Sorry, even though I have the board now but the DVI monitor isnt
shipped yet so I can't do anything with the board now.

Anw, can I install ubuntu on BB xM?

Thank you so much.

You can use either of my demo images listed here to achieve that:


Just read the fine print for 'serial' only mode..



does Ubuntu work faster at xM? I remember the speed at C3 :slight_smile:

2010/11/11 Robert Nelson <robertcnelson@gmail.com>

Canonical's offical image still doesn't adjust the mpu speed.

My current demo images will let you run the xM up to 800Mhz.. (i'm
playing with the current dvfs patches trying to get 1Ghz out of my xM)


I think more RAM plays major role in the Ubuntu performance. I don’t expect high speed unless we get DDR2.

2010/11/11 Robert Nelson <robertcnelson@gmail.com>

Hi Robert,

I've got my XM today, and thinking about trying ubuntu on it. Do you
know the status of gstreamer TI codecs in ubuntu ? I could use
angstrom, of course, but I would like to have more recent kernel.

Maksym Parkachov.

Hi Maksym,

I still haven't got them to work.. There's some better dspbridge fixes
heading to mainline so i'll be trying it again shortly..


Hi Robert,

thanks for the answer, I did tried to compile TI modules for my custom
kernel as well, but though they compiled without error, it didn't work
with gstreamer. I just hoped that someone already did the job :slight_smile: Oh,
well, I'll stick with 32 kernel for now.


Hi, I followed the steps to setup my SD card. ( MLO, uboot, uimage
2.6.32 in FAT32 partition, Angstrom demo image in ext3) <== correct me
if i did sth wrong.Anw, I think I did set up SD card coz I tried to
run minicom on my laptop with serial port connect to BB and I got a
Angstrom login text, need username and password (which I didnt set up
yet so I couldnt log in)

The only thing now is i dont have a DVI-D monitor right now, but I do
have a 40" TV with HDMI port, i plugged in and powered up my BB xM and
the TV showed up with : No Support Mode.

Is there anyway to setup the screen mode for it to show up on my TV?

Thank you and sry for my English, im not native speaker :smiley: