-xM having trouble booting

I have a BeagleBoard xM that I have been using for a while, experimenting with an extension board. For some reason I'm not quite sure about, the board stopped booting today. The D5 and the D14 LEDs light up, but all others are off. The board does not give any output on the serial console, as it has done before. There seems to be no difference whether or not the SD card is inserted.

The TPS65950 seems to get very hot, so I am afraid I've fried something. Is there anything to do about it, or will I have to replace the board?

I use an external power supply, giving up to 2 A on 5 V.


Ole Morten

If the TPS65950 is getting hot, then most likely you have shorted out an I/O pin. Check and see if the processor is getting hot as well. It is possible to repair this on most cases, but that requires replacing the processor and the memory. Untill it is looked at it is hard to say. There will be acharge for the repair.

Go ahead and request the RMA and let them take it from there.