yet another wiki for beagle/panda/other docs

while some will shriek that the last thing anyone needs is another
wiki (and for the most part, i agree), i'm resurrecting and updating
some online stuff from a while back for both the beagle xM and panda
ES, simply because there are a number of things i want to document and
eventually add to embedded linux courses i'm rewriting, and i want all
of that info in one place.

  here's the result of starting from scratch late last night:

that page and its dev kit-specific subpages has two purposes.

  first, the main page is where i'm going to document just *general*
cool stuff that people working with embedded systems could find
useful. time-saving utilities, neat ways to use standard tools and so
on. that main page is barely started and i have lots of topics to add
to it. it's not all that structured right now, and what will be there
is not the sort of thing i expect to see in a lot of other places.

  what inspired me was the recent brouhaha over unzip and 7zip --
the fact that something that simple was causing me all kinds of grief
-- so i thought it was worth writing down. and that just led to more
topics, etc, etc.

  if you have a suggestion for something for that page, let me know.
it doesn't have to be earth-shatteringly significant. just something
that you discovered that you think is neat and has helped you and
might help others as well. as one example, you can see that one topic
i added was simply how to get "dd" to print its progress. (and note
that i simply linked to an existing page that needed no improvement.)

  the only other property i'm a stickler for is that stuff i put there
absolutely has to *work*. i'm aware that a *lot* of time is wasted by
the most subtle of errors so i insist on testing everything before i
write about it. so if you have something that doesn't seem to belong
elsewhere, drop me a note, i'll verify that it works, then i'll add it
to the page.

  if you think there are already enough doc pages and wikis out there,
that's fine. but i'm doing this as a place to stash all the stuff
that i think might end up in my new embedded linux courses, and i
don't want to go chasing it all down. and if people want to help add
to it, i'd appreciate it.

  and on that note, back to work ...