Yocto Build Enable LCD4 cape during build

I am very new to the beaglebone and yocto.

I want to enable an LCD Cape (LCD4, 480x272 res) while building the image using the yocto project.

Do i need to create a new layer and then append the appropriate recipe? Can you please provide steps to accomplish this.



I have the same problem here.
From supplier, I got am335x-boneblack-lcd4.dts and DVK530-LCD4-01-00A0.dts, but don’t know how to use it with yocto.
Anyone could help?


Tom Li

Hi, are you going to modify the kernel? or the kernel configuration?
If that so, you may create another recipe as you say and make appends to kernel config, or create and add your patch in the list of patches and modify the existing recipe to incorporate your patch.

If you only want to include your dts, you can modify the recipe to include your dts instead or add it yourself when copying the files in the SD card along with the uImage.

What you need to do depends on how you want to do it.

– Allan Granados

Hi, Allan,

The dts files is for LCD. I want beaglebone could use it as primary display.
Which way is correct to do it?

  1. modify kernel
  2. kernel configuration
  3. include dts in SD card along with uImage.


Tom Li