YOCTO HDMI Out of the Box


Does the YOCTO image that ships with the BeagleV support HDMI out? I am not getting anything at all on the screen.

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With the factory Yocto image, you should get a blank screen, this is actually wayland running. Just make sure the hdmi is plugged in before power up.


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Hi Robert,

I also tried with the XFCE build from here Files · beaglev-1.1.2 · BeagleV-Ahead / xuantie-ubuntu · GitLab and still get a blank screen. Serial console works fine to verify the OS is running.

The cable I am using does work with a BBB.

Do I need to instal something else?

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Well, I went back and tried BeagleV-Ahead Ubuntu 2023-07-05 again and now HDMI is working. I evidently was getting a bad flash?


First, I don’t have that board, this would be my first place to look.

$ pstree

Post that.