yocto image with kernel v5.19 on beagleboard-xm

I built and ran beagleboard-xm image with kernel up to 3.x with OE some years back. Recently I am trying to build and run the image with kernel v5.19 on Linus’s Mainline tree with yocto poke, I modified beaglebone layer, and built the image, but it hangs on after boot
VAUX3: disabling
VDAC: disabling
VPLL2: disabling

I also tested debian distro. image with kernel v5.19.x on beagleboard xm (Debian: Getting Started with the BeagleBoard-xM - Linux Guides - Electronic Component and Engineering Solution Forum - TechForum │ Digi-Key), it works perfect! I wonder if someone has built and run the image on beagleboard-xm with yocto.