ZenHome home automation capes

I am working on a line of home automation capes. Each cape will fulfill a specific role while also including a set of common sensors for monitoring the surrounding environment. I’m looking for ideas and opinions on systems in the home that users would like to connect to the Internet of Things for controlling and monitoring. I currently have functional GarageCape and ThermoCape prototypes that include temperature and light sensors. They include the appropriate electronics to connect to the associated system for control and monitoring. I have also developed a compatible Yocto image. I am also in search of a small number of beta testers. Please email me if you are interested.

One free idea for you.

  1. BBB + cape == costs too much for multiple home automation tasks. Use the BBB as a “base station” with multiple more cost effective “nodes”.

As an added bonus, I’ll toss in the idea, that you sir get you pick your own platform for the “cost effective node” :slight_smile: