Zephyr or FreeRTOS for Cortex M4 on BeaglePlay ?

TI SOCs on recently launched BeaglePlay has MCU as co-processors - AM62x has 1xM4@400MHz 256KB SRAM. As a standard SDK offering TI provides MCU+ SDK - device drivers with FreeRTOS: [MCU-PLUS-SDK-AM62X Software development kit (SDK) | TI.com]. I was happy to see many applications based on Zephyr with - BeagleBoard.org - beagleconnect

Can you please help me by participating in this survey to get an idea of what you think would be the best OS for a MCU as co-processor for next gen applications & products?



I’ve been doing the ‘hello world’ examples of TI-RTOS and must admit that there is a compelling argument for using TI-RTOS for M4F MCU.

FreeRTOS is quite quick and easy to get started with, but its fairly barebones (and that may be a good thing for many usecases). Moreover once you start getting to the point of wanting things like instrumentation, runtime performance analysis, different drivers, etc…its going to be “roll your own”.

The real benefit of TI-RTOS is the integration / migration aspects it offers. By being fully integrated with CCS and having things like SysConfig and XGConf integrated into the workflow, makes it easy to support long-term and fairly trivial to switch MCUs with same code…

Having said all that, given the fact that BeagleConnects are programmed in Zephyr, it would make things easier to comprehend and less scattered if the M4F MCU was also done in Zephyr…