Zippy Board is Now Available

TinCanTools is pleased to announce that the Beagle Zippy Expansion
Board is now available!

The Zippy adds:

    * Battery Backed RTC
    * Second MMC slot
    * 10BaseT Ethernet
    * Second RS-232
    * +5V level I2C
    * AT24 EEPROM

Zippy is shipping now for $79.00 and is support in the main tree of OE
Angstrom builds!

Dave Anders (aka prpplague on irc)

is it available for direct purchase in canada, do you know? i
remember when i ordered their JTAG debugger, the customs charges were
half the price of the debugger itself. and it turns out it could be
purchased up here, but i don't remember where.



they should have the zippy's available in a few days.