Zippy2 and stuff

Hi All,
I've just seen in Reader that a new version of the Zippy board is
available with 10/100 ethernet. AFAIK the old version used 10Mbit only
SPI/Ethernet chip, and the new one has a fancy 100Mbit interface.

Does anyone have data regarding the performance of the new
configuration? Can the SPI in OMAP3 handle this speed or it's
practically only 20-50Mbit?

Is it theoretically possible to connect 2 of these chips to the
expansion header. I've seen 2 sync serial buses on it, but I don't
know if both are capable of driving the converter (speed, extra signal



the Zippy uses the ENC28J60 and has a general performance of around 7mbit/s transfer rates. the Zippy2 uses the KSZ8851SNL and has general performance of around 15mbit/s transfer rate. there is no reason you couldn't have two of either the ENC28J60 or KSZ8851SNL on the expansion bus with the proper level shifters and control.