About Google Summer of Code

“Google Summer of Code is a global program that offers students stipends to write code for open source projects. We have worked with the open source community to identify and fund exciting projects for the upcoming summer.” - **


BeagleBoard.org has been a frequent mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code and 2023 would our 11th consecutive year of being an approved mentoring organization, if accepted. Please join us in supporting this year’s contributors and mentors…

You encouraged to join us on BeagleBoard.org - gsocchat if you want to get involved. Previous administrators are jkridner, c-wicks and lorforlinux. Recent past mentors include ds2, Abhishek_, ravikp7, m_w, pmezydlo, hendersa, pdp7, zeekhuge, rma, sstabellini, julieng, and driain. New mentors this year include sakethr98, pratimu, and giuliomoro. **

Step-by-step to get involved

  1. Sign up on the mailing list here and reach out to the group and mentors (best to keep the group in copy).
  2. Join the live chat #beagle-gsoc including weekly meetings every Wednesday at 12:30PM US Eastern time (BeagleBoard.org - gsocmeet), which is 4:30PM UTC during US daylight savings time.
  3. Read and contribute to our ideas list at BeagleBoard.org - gsocideas by following the instructions on the page, including adding ideas, listing yourself as a possible mentor (if appropriate), and creating draft proposals (as a student).
  4. Sign up on Google’s system at https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/ and be sure to meet all application deadlines and requirements.


What makes a good proposal?

  • This should not be your doctoral thesis or an example of you building an individual something. It needs to be focused on software that helps embedded developers that can be reused!
  • Convince us that you can understand enough to make a reasonable schedule and you have the experience to follow through on it. You will get mentorship to help you get unstuck, but we won’t do your project for you. You need to show you understand most of the basics and are able to interact with experts to get answers whenever you are stuck.
  • We know who copies other proposals. Don’t hesitate to share your proposal early. Post it. Ask questions about it. Vet your ideas and try some experiments. We can make arrangements for remote access to hardware or try running some code from you if you want to verify something.

Here are a few examples of good proposals:
















Lightning talk introductions to Google Summer of Code

In association with TI eTech Day on June 29, BeagleBoard.org hosted a question and answer session with the BeagleBoard.org moderated Google Summer of Code students. You can learn more about their projects by watching the videos below. Projects include USB sniffing, pulse-width modulation, XBMC optimizations, FFTW optimizations, OpenCV optimizations, and easy-to-use POSIX application development for the DSP.

BeagleBoard.org sponsored project introductions

USB Sniffer


Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)


XBMC Rendering Optimizations

My apologies for the audio quality on this one...

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