AI-64 how to flash eMMC

I just got my AI-64 board, and had some issues to configure external USB WiFi dongle to connect to network since network config app is not part of factory eMMC image. Latest MicroSD XFCE image for AI-64 on a contrary does have wpaconn app that did the trick (even though it is vary, very flaky to say the least). While completely happy with my initial SW setup, I obviously want it to be eMMC based. So, here is the question - how to flash my MicroSD image to eMMC on Beaglebone AI-64? Layout of /boot directory is different and obviously instructions from here : Beagleboard:BeagleBoneBlack Debian - do not apply. Any ideas or references?

Hi @alftel to flash a microSD to eMMC:


sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade
sudo beagle-flasher

or to create a dedicated flasher:

sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade
sudo enable-beagle-flasher
sudo reboot

For wifi configuration, we’ve moved from connman → systemd-network, so wifi is now configured thru wpa_supplicant-wlan0.conf

You can use sudo wpa_cli -i wlan0



Thanks a bunch Robert - works as prescribed. One point to make is that it was not obvious nor clear from any documentation that AI-64 web page is referencing to. It is is understood that product is relatively new and documentation is a subject to develop going forward. Since we do plan to use AI-64 in our portable appliances (subject of final decision after current evaluation) as well as develop a custom add-on board to extend these PCIe lanes at M.2 connector to other PCIe devices, here is the question - are you guys going to amend/extend documentation with time in order to reflect all required procedures such as BB newbies will be able to figure out everything without posting repeating questions in forum?

Another (obvious) question is the following - is it possible to execute a reverse procedure - i.e. write to MicroSD image that is currently running from eMMC? Use case is the following - assuming that we do have tested environment in eMMC we would like to vbackup or re-distribute it using MicroSD.

I do have many other questions regarding PCIe but will save them for separate topic.


Hi @alftel so for Bullseye i cleaned up the flashing directions, it’s the same setup for armhf and arm64… The base directions are here, but i wish i could add a linkable tag in the page… Debian 11.x (Bullseye) - Monthly Snapshots (ARM64)

The source of the flasher is here…

Out of the box, the microSD → eMMC direction is pre-setup:

bbai64-microsd-to-emmc : bb-beagle-flasher/suite/bullseye/debian/bbai64-microsd-to-emmc · main · / Repos Arm64 · GitLab

i added a ‘flash_back’ function, so it’ll auto-configure the direction on the target media…

for users not wanting to dive into the code:

microSD → eMMC

sudo cp -v /etc/beagle-flasher/bbai64-microsd-to-emmc /etc/default/beagle-flasher

eMMC → microSD

sudo cp -v /etc/beagle-flasher/bbai64-emmc-to-microsd /etc/default/beagle-flasher


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