AI-64 PRU Getting started


BB-AI-64 draw my attention because of it’s 12 PRU’s in combination of 4GByte of RAM.
Now, I have the board on my hands, I can find little information about those PRU.
I have seen this topic:

Despite I have knowledge in the domains of electronics, linux, SBC and microcontrollers, the beaglebone family and it’s PRU functionality is completely new to me.
Where can I find which pin is controllable by which PRU?
What speed does this PRU has?
How to program PRU on AI-64?
Or in short:
What is the best way to get started with PRU on AI-64?


I’m guessing they are 200Mhz but I have not checked this yet.

There is some basic info about getting things going on the AI64 here: AI64 - PRU Basics (very)

They can go up to 360MHz. I’m not yet sure how to change the clock frequency.