BB-AI64 Suggested Cameras

Just curious if there is a suggested place to purchase MIPI CSI-2 cameras for the BB-AI64… Looking for a 1080p/60 camera. Any suggestions?

I’m assuming the IMX219 and/or IMX477 will be the first to get official support. On the Pi and Jetson Nano these are both limited by the 2 lane CSI-2 connector, and thus most of the cameras you’ll find are only wired for a 2 lane connection. With the Ai-64’s 4 lane connectors you should be able to get higher fps from the camera than the Pi does (for example the IMX477 is limited to 1080p/30 when using 2 lanes even though the sensor can fo 1080p/240).

If you’re looking for one to test with this would be best since it is capable of 4 lane communication…