BB VIEW_70 and BeagleBone

Hi all,

I’m trying to get the BB VIEW_70 running with a white BeagleBone, but I fail.

What I tried so far:

all steps from:

Linux Kernel: from the v3.8.x branch
Root File System: Debian 7

The beaglebone starts up and I can get a SSH connection.
You will find the output of dsmeg attached to the question.

Then I tried to use to the image (latest debian image) and image patch provided by Element14. But there the beaglebone doesn’t even start up (well, I guess it is only for BBB)

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any step by step instruction related to my problem.
Most solutions are with another version or other board.

Can someone help me or point me to a useful site?
I would really appreciate any help.

dmesgout.txt (21.9 KB)