BBB booting issue - ** Unrecognized filesystem type **


I have built code for U-Boot(git://, Linux(git:// and file system(git:// for BBB.

config file used for U-boot is am335x_evm_defconfig, Linux - bb.org_defconfig, rootfs -

After building the code, I partition the SD card into boot(fat32) and rootfs(ext4). copy MLO, u-boot.img, zImage and am335x-boneblack.dtb to boot and untar armhf-rootfs-debian-jessie.tar into rootfs.

I use uSD card to boot up BBB and I see “** Unrecognized filesystem type **” error in U-boot on executing fatload mmc 0 command. Attached complete logs with printenv.

I am not able to understand the issue here since I have not made any changes in the code of any repo. Does process of partitioning of uSD card have any issue? Any inputs would be highly appreciated.

Thanks very much!

putty.log (17.3 KB)