BBB not showing on Windows 10 Explorer after system update.

First of all. Read this forum post:
PC does not detect BBBB. BBB does not appear on Windows Explorer
Did not help.

Installed AM335x 11.7 2023-09-02 4GB microSD IoT Last Week
* ssh debian@ OK
* open the new vscode workspace via Firefox OK
* BBB in Windows Explorer OK

Did a system update today

  • ssh debian@ works fine
    * open the new vscode workspace via Firefox OK
    * BBB does not show in Windows Explorer.

Commands used to update:
sdu su
apt list installed
apt list --upgradable
apt upgrade (finished without errors)
apt update
apt list upgradable
bb-code-server/unknown armhf [upgradable from:]
Do you want to continue? [Y/n] Y
apt update: (All packages are up to date)
systemctl reboot

The BBB rebooted but did not show on Windows Explorer.

Logged into BBB via ssh debain@ and did systemctl poweroff. Detached and reattached the USB cab. BBB did not appear in Windows Explorer.

Connected to BBB via ssh and powered off. Detached USB cable. Rebooted windows 10. Reattached BBB USB cable after sign in. BBB does not show in Explorer.

Powered off BBB and detached cable. Got a different BBB and attached it to Windows PC using the same USB port and cable. The second BBB shows in Explorer.

Did I possibly turn something off when I updated the system?

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sudo systemctl enable --now bb-code-server

I saw the above command on the chat client (Discord).

Anyway, with an update/upgrade, sometimes things change (new development).

what does sudo systemctl status bb-code-server show on output?

I think the bb-code-server is a --hold type of .service file that only gets updated/upgraded upon user requests.


P.S. I am not using it as of now but from what I read earlier yesterday or so, the first command on the line one of this reply should fix it. But, before using that command, maybe post what you feel like out of the status argument of the second command on line seven.

Also @Jcal ,

I noticed some of the images-kernels-developed user OSs from are ever evolving…

So, things will change for now. Some of my images get noticed while others do not get pop-ups or notifications about the currently installed (USB attached) device.


Silver2row, thanks for the reply
sudo systemctl status bb-code-server shows about 23 lines of output. Here is a partial output

 bb-code-server.service - Code Server
 Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/bb-code-server.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
 Active: active (running) since Fri 2024-06-21 08:35:34 EDT; 1min 0s ago
Process: 1114 ExecStartPre=/bin/mkdir -p /home/debian/.local/share/code-server/User/ (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS)    Process: 1115 ExecStartPre=/bin/cp -v /opt/bb-code-server/settings.json /home/debian/.local/share/code-server/User/>   Main PID: 1116 (node)
  Tasks: 22 (limit: 1024)
 Memory: 30.3M
    CPU: 17.085s
 CGroup: /system.slice/bb-code-server.service
         ├─1116 /opt/bb-code-server/app/lib/node /opt/bb-code-server/app --cert --auth none --disable-telemetry --d>             └─1134 /opt/bb-code-server/app/lib/node /opt/bb-code-server/app/out/node/entry

Powered off and reinserted mocroSD card and booted BBB.
It makes the same sounds as when the BBB was booted off the eMMC and recognized by windows. Basically two short click sounds then a pause followed by a longer click. The BBB should show after the third click.

I do not understand reply from Seth

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@Jcal ,

Sorry…bowing out gracefully.