PC does not detect BBBB. BBB does not appear on Windows Explorer

Please forgive me if this is the wrong place to start this. I am NuBee.

I got my BBB last week when I first connected it to the PC over the USB the PC detected it and I could look at the files inside the BBB.

lacking The cables I set it aside. The following day I loaded Angstrom ( I think) on an 8 GB MMC plugged it into the BBB at connected it to the PC via the USB cable but the BBB would not be detected by the PC

I removed the MMC and tried again. The board goes through the sequence of USR LEDs as usual (0 to 4) then the LEDs flash continuously but the PC does not detect the board.

Nothing else is connected to the BBB.

Have I roasted by BB? Please help. I can buy another board but it takes 20/25 days to get it (I live in the real boondocks) and I can hardly wait.

Thanks in advance.


I can’t say what the issue is, but it sounds like it is running, so I don’t see it being fried. I suggest you back up to the latest image and reflash it and see what is working.



Thank you Gerald,

You put me on the right track.
For reasons not clear I loaded the latest Angstrom onto the uSD placed it in the BBB and booted, as indicated. I forgot that it takes a long time to complete a burn of the ROM and switched it off too soon. Result: corrupted ROM
Embarrassing, to say the least.

I have now repeated the process and my BBB is working as expected.

Thank you for the great help. I now know where to go for help.


Glad you are up and running.