BeagleboardToys wifi

I finally got my wifi board. I have heard some board were shipped
without the ID programmed but mine seems to programmed with the wrong


It should be 00 0b 00 01 but mine has 0b 00 01 00.

I can see how this can happen as the web page does not discuss the
byte ordering (endian format).

I have an expermintal board with an eeprom on it and if I program it
with 00 0b 00 01 uboot and the kernel recognized it as a
BeagleBoardToys WiFi board.

I guess I could reprogram it but I believe it is write-protected an I
can not find a published schematic anywhere on their web site.

Has anyone else seen this?

You can ground TP11 (test point) temporally by connecting a wire from a
ground post on Beagle board (close to P10) to re program the EEPROM.


still looking for schemattic

Schematic attached.


beagle wlan adapter schematic rev a.pdf (36.7 KB)

is there any schematic for beagleboard vga adaprter ?

2011/8/23 Rao <>