BeagleBone Black Rev C vs C1, C2,C3 Purchasing


We use the BeagleBone Black Rev. C in our product.
One of our manufacturers has come across the issue of the new eMMC chip when purchasing a new batch of BeagleBones. I understand that this new batch is most likely a Rev. C3.

Without having the BeagleBone in front of me to check the Kingston part number, how can I tell if the manufacturer is sending a Rev. C or C1 vs a C2/C3?



There was a couple people asking the same thing on this forum. First off, I can see the search tool now! This is good news. No more hidden search tool.


P.S. If you look up in the search bar for your query, I am sure that link will pop up. I think someone in the forums just updated the info. for the C3 lookup dialog.