chipsee beaglebone lcd/dvi expansion kernel support

Anyone gotten the chipsee lcd cape working with ubuntu or debian?

cape found here:

chipsee’s website:

cheers Chris!

I’d spent the past couple of weeks figuring this out myself. (albeit for the Angstrom distribution). You beat me to posting it online though :smiley:

as to your last point, if you boot into LXDE, press Alt+F2 and run xinput_calibrator (if you’ve already done a sudo apt-get install of that in Alt+F1) and then when you calibrate the touchscreen the inversion is gone and everything works as it should.

I’m very happy now, I have a BeagleBone with ubuntu 12.04, Chipsee 7" LCD and touchscreen all working together.

I do note that you are just re-using the Chipsee board-am335xevm.c file, I was previously trying to use the new version of this and ‘graft’ the changes in so it’ll be more inline with all the new changes (as I also have other non-Chipsee LCD screen that the new .c file caters for). I could get it to make the LCD work, but couldn’t get the touchscren to work (maybe I need to re-visit this).

anyway, I’ll see how far I progress, but thanks again for posting these steps, I’m sure it’ll be of great value to a lot of people.



Hi Tony,

Thanks very much for the xinput_calibrator info. I don’t use X myself but I’m sure this will help others.

I do note that you are just re-using the Chipsee board-am335xevm.c file, I was previously trying to use the new version of this and ‘graft’ the changes in so it’ll be more inline with all the new changes (as I also have other non-Chipsee LCD screen that the new .c file caters for). I could get it to make the LCD work, but couldn’t get the touchscren to work (maybe I need to re-visit this).

I agree. Not the best solution but at least it gets people going. I’d be keen to get hold of your board file if you plan to finish that! :slight_smile:

Also the frame buffer driver was critical, da8xx-fb.c to detect the panel correctly, etc.

As for the touchscreen, did you mod board-am335xevm.c to disable the capacitive and enable the resistive “driver” as per the README in the Ezsdk?

I’m also really excited to have Ubuntu running! Life is so easy now with apt-get and such that just works!

  • Chris

Any idea how I can get this LCD to run in 32-bit color mode (ARGB)? fbset registers the change of the color depth but it doesn't really do anything apart from clear the frame buffer and leave it in 16-bit color mode. I've been tinkering in the board-am335xevm.c and da8xx-fb.c files but I am slightly out of my depth!

- Chris

Beagleboard xm expansion lcd touchscreen

I’ve installed Ubuntu 12.10 on a Beagle-Board -xM I’m using the Beagleboard Expansion LCD V3 as a monitor, but the screen doesn’t fit and I’m not able to access to the menu. I’ve already change the resolution in uEnv.txt file. Like this:

defaultdisplay= lcd

But I still have the problem that I can’t see the whole window of Ubuntu with the menu and the options on the LCD screen and I can’t use a less resolution because it is not supported ¿How should I configure the LCD screen?.

Actually I can see the GUI of Ubuntu but the resolution is wrong.

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Hi Stefan,

Any chance those files are ready yet? Recently bought a Chipsee 7" capacitive expansion but was very disapointed to see it does not work yet except with Android.

Best regards

In the same boat. Per the chipsee website it works only with Android and Windows Embedded. Does this same process work with the capacitive touchscreen?

Hi Folks,

That resistive/capacitive question is a matter of a one line modification.


Into the CD-ROM which comes with the Chipsee expansion, there is an “Ezsdk” folder (/Software/Ezsdk-xxxx) which is a Linux sdk (with source files and pre-built image) from Texas Instruments.

Inside this Ezsdk folder, you should see a README file (/Software/Ezsdk-0722/README_0722.txt) which contains information about kernel modifications and compilation (including those mentioned above by Chris).

That Ezsdk is a good start point to work with kernel development for hardware with AM335X SoCs.




Take a look at:

Hello, very interesting information, I try make this but my problem is I not found script, in tools directory only have but this make a error mkimage: Write error on /home/user/beaglebone/linux-dev/deploy/disk/uImage: Success

I have just had this issue. The boot partition on the images I used from this site is not big enough to install a kernel. I have to extend the boot partition (which was tricky for me, not so good with linux structures). Once I had got it bigger the worked.

I Stefan my question is what load your image in sd?? whit xz comand??? and i need install ubuntu before??

Dear all,

I am new to this forum. My friend helped me to buy the Chipsee touch LCD from China but it comes without a DVD/CD! Is there any link that I can download it as Chipsee people are not very helpful at all in my case!

Thanks very much!

Kind regards,


tripzero於 2012年5月22日星期二UTC+1上午6時27分07秒寫道:

Hi Luke… if you are still looking for the DVD… I think one post here has a link to download the linux branch from the DVD. If you are looking for the full dvd it is about 4GB compressed. Let me know if you still need it so I can upload it for you. And please make sure it is not copyrighted.

I passed with same experience trying to run ubuntu with the capacitive and the black beaglebone. I can confirm steps above are very useful. But you will have two problems when it come to BBB:

  • That old version of kernel will hang on Beaglebone Black.
  • Capacitive touch will not work.

I started with 3.2.42-psp27 and then spent like 2 days merging changes Chipsee made to have things working on BBB. Can summarize changes to:

  • Copied the /arch/arm folder from Chipsee kernel. That helped the kernel to operate on BBB.
  • Copy the capacitive touch driver from under /drivers/input/touchscreen/ (ft5x0x_ts.c/h and eeti_ts.c). Please copy the folder in full as it also has the Kbuild, and Makefile changes. And while mearging I note all changes in the folder where made to support the touch.
  • During rebuild, and under the config tool; enable the touch driver under device drivers/input/touchscreen.
  • Install lxde gnu (apt-get install lxde). Without a gnu the screen will stay black. It could have a prompt somewhere outside the screen boundries you can test if you have a keyboard… but none of my keyboards or mice worked with that kernel. I am investigating this now. I could had messed up something while merging.

No changes to uEnv.txt It finally worked with touch.

This is not the best solution anyway… but just to move forward. My next milestone is to have it working with kernel 3.8.13… anyone succeeded extracting the device tree partially or in full?

Hey guys,

I got Ubuntu 12.04 running with the BBB and touchscreen working (Chipsee 1024x600 7”) months ago, simply by using the Chipsee kernel with the ubuntu rootfs and rebuilding other goodies against the Chipsee kernel source (like the SGX OPEN GL ES 2.0 drivers).

Currently I need to boot off the SD card though, but adding the MMC support to the chip see kernel doesn’t seem like a biggie.

Does that help anybody? Or am I missing something? Obviously trying to apt-get kernel related packages will break it but most stuff works.


Hi Christian Ruocco

Could you please send me a link to download the prebuilt image of the ubuntu that you mention? So i can test it.

I’ll appreciate that. Sorry about my english.


Esteban Binsak

I would like to see that image as well.


Hi guys,

I’ll get on that when I have a moment. Probably this weekend!