Debian booting issue


I am using the Beagle bone black with debian to run the application, To flash the kernel images on eMMC I used the minicom in Ubuntu environment.

I am using the TFTP protocol to transfer uboot and kernel images, onto BBB RAM. From RAM using the “dd” command I am flashing it into the eMMC, the sequence of flashing is as follows

  1. Flashing MLO

  2. Flashing uboot

  3. Creating rootfile system with the mkfs.ext4 -L rootfs command.

  4. Copying kernel images over ethernet throught NFS server using “rsync”

The problem currently I am facing with the multiple flashing, after flashing when BBB restarted it will stuck at uboot prompt only, kernel will not bootup.

I am attaching flashing session log for the reference, Any help will be useful.



kernelBoot_Error_Log.txt (38.9 KB)