Heat Dissipation AI-64

Despite the chunky heat sink, it runs extremely hot. The heat sink is too hot to touch for more than a moment or two.

  1. Is this as designed?
  2. Is this causing throttling by default?
  3. Will this affect the longevity of the device?
  4. Are there any non-hacky cooling solutions (fans) out there?


With no fan, running everything at 100% (and dsp’s) one of my test units stays around 65C… Talking with TI, it does have room above that with no issues…

cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone*/temp 

While it runs hot, it was designed for automotive environments…


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Great! Thanks.

I might try to hack a fan, nevertheless!!


The heat sink is very good, all you need is a little air moving over it to keep it cool.


My board runs at around 50C with ambient at around 26C.

Is the chip on the board the automotive spec’d version ?