IMX477 and/or OV5647 camera drivers

I have been trying to get either the RPi HQ camera or an arducam OV5647 camera to work. I have not been getting much success. I’ve tried copying the drivers from the Raspbian kernel, etc for the IMX477 and it hasn’t recognized it. As far as the OV5647, I’ve gotten it to show up /dev/video0 but it doesn’t allow me to open it, showing an v4l2 error.
Any tips on how to get cameras to work with the beagleplay? I would really prefer if I could get the RPi HQ camera to work. Thanks!

OV5647 RPI V1 camera module, doesn’t work for me either.
the IMX219 and RPI V1.3 cameras (including NOIR) both worked for me.
hope this helps

How did you get the imx219 to work?

see thie following post, nothing special