JTAG connector for BeagleV-ahead

Hi , is there an advised JTAG connector for the board that I can buy and solder it?
Just interested in low-level debugging of u-boot, with Segger or whatever debugger.

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I see on the board there is a JTAG in the form of Tag-Connect | Tag-Connect types.

I made a mistake and got the one w/ the “feelers” but needed the holder instead.


P.S. I just researched their pages online, i.e. the tag-connect pages. So, the things I was calling “feelers” are called “legs” and not “feelers.” There is a holder but it is called a retaining clip.

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beagleV seems to be missing the holes. could they be drilled, or are there traces under them??
@RobertCNelson can your find out if these holes can be drilled ??

Great, I will order it, thanks!