JTAG connector for BeagleV-ahead

Hi , is there an advised JTAG connector for the board that I can buy and solder it?
Just interested in low-level debugging of u-boot, with Segger or whatever debugger.

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I see on the board there is a JTAG in the form of Tag-Connect | Tag-Connect types.

I made a mistake and got the one w/ the “feelers” but needed the holder instead.


P.S. I just researched their pages online, i.e. the tag-connect pages. So, the things I was calling “feelers” are called “legs” and not “feelers.” There is a holder but it is called a retaining clip.

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Great, I will order it, thanks!


being you appeared to have gone down this road,
i got a jtag Sipeed SLogic Combo 8 Slogic Analyzer on order
looks like this is the PCB adaptor that is needed, correct me if i’m wrong.


down side is that Sipeed is 12 pins and TC2050 is 10 pins
any insight on this ??

@amf99 ,

Hello…I have not been able to get it up and running just yet. I started w/ the BBAI-64 and the same type of connector for debugging.

The reason being…

  1. I do not know what source to use for debugging…
  2. Do I use Eclipse or another type?
  3. Can I use VS Code?

Anyway, I have the wrong header but I decided to “break” it to make it fit. So, the plug-of-nails works for a connection but I am still wondering about it.

@amf99 , I think reading the Connection datasheet will help. I got the 2050-IDC w/ easy clips (oops). I should have purchased the one w/out easy clips. So, I broke off the easy clips.

No insight so far on the 12 pins versus the 10 pins…

I purchased the XDS110 and not the XDS100v2 by mistake. I am full of follies these days…

Those couple of links are for the BBAI-64 and NOT the Sipeed debugger which can be used for the BeagleV-Ahead… (I am pretty sure).

Switching up exact pins may be needed…

This one is what you are describing, I think: TC2050-IDC-NL-050-ALL Plug-of-Nails to 0.05" IDC | Tag-Connect

I will save up a bit and purchase one and get the Sipeed Debugger connector too. I will keep you updated if you bring it up again…

thanks for the quick reply, guess we are no longer on the 3 to 4 hour waiting list to do replies, lol
have you looked at this link, seems like they have some software that works, at least to test the connection.

i have one of the XDS100V ? version, don’t recall which, will have to dig this out of the junk box,

as for the VS code, haven’t used that yet, normally use eclipse, which can be a pain to get working each time a new version comes out.

i see rcn posted a link to buy from digi, TC2050-IDC-NL, may have to order one, the sipeed isn’t due in till end of Dec.

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I purchased the FlashPro5 and tried to contact the Tag-Connect people.

For some reason, my email failed. Off to try again…


P.S. I will update shortly or on Tue.

@amf99 ,

Also…there is a couple adapters people have on their tag-connect site.

1. BBAI-64

From what I found so far, the TDA4VM uses the TI XDS110 (Probably Wrong). I just researched the XDS110 and it looks like the TDA4VM was dropped or it never had support. Blah.

Okay…so this is the one needed for the TDA4VM: TMDSEMU560V2STM-U Debug probe | TI.com and I will keep looking for other debug probes available for the TDA4VM. Sheesh.

2. BeagleV-Ahead

The onboard chip TH1520 on the BeagleV-Ahead has the plug-of-nails for debugging but I am unaware currently of the connection to the Sipeed debugger and what pins do what now.

3. BeagleV-Fire

And yes, that link you posted has the FlashPro5 as the debugger w/ the plug-of-nails as the board connection.

All 1 - 3 have the plug-of-nails connection from the board to outer resources (pins) that may need different functionality (UART, SPI, GPIO) and currently, I know little so far.


P.S. I researched the XDS110 b/c of the TDA4VM onboard the BBAI-64. Since then, the two newer boards use different, non-TI chips which may bring different types of debuggers like the MicroChip FlashPro5 for debugging purposes. I will get the link for the TDA4VM and XDS110 use…