LCD + touch screen and the Beagle Board

Dear Sirs, have you found any brands of touch drivers that they found to work with the Beagle board or have you reverse engineered the protocol?

Best regards, Luca

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There is no need to reverse engineer protocols for LCD. Most 24bit LCD with RGB mode are compatible with each other and the touchscreen drivers are pretty much standard. Timings may vary slightly, but basically you stream out data just as you would to a DVI display.

The display you attached is not an LCD panel per se. It is a panel with a VGA input. So what you need is a VGA adapter for the board to drive this display. There is a VGA adapter for the BeagleBoard.

Not enough information was provided on the touchscreen, but I would guess it is USB.



How does one start to produce an LCD adapter for Beagleboard C2, which has the headers to accommodate it?



First you need to pick the LCD that fits your requirements. Based on the interface that LCD has, you will need to at a minimum create a board that does level translation for the LCD headers. If it has a VGA port on the LCD, then you need a VGA adapter. If it has a DVI input, then you can connect it direct to the DVI output.

What LCD are you looking to connect?



Actually Gerald, I’m attempting to create a device with a touch screen (8" - 10") and don’t want something that requires separate power, much like the tablets around. So your advice is to first choose the panel and work back to create compatibility? I keep seeing reference to 4 and five wire LCD and don’t know yet how that relates to the 2 x 20 pin headers on the BB. I’m having a bit of a time trying to find the right brand but Innolux seems to be a name that keeps coming up.



Gerald, An example of the LCD panel:



How can we enable touch screen at android os.

This display needs 5V and 3.3V, so the 3.3V will need to be supplied externally. The LED power for the backlicht is 1/2A so this may also require an external supply. You will need to do a level translator driver board to convert the 1.8V signals from the board to adapt it to the required 3.3V. I see no touchscreen information on this LCD, so I assume it has not. I am not sure if this is something you need or not.

We have a 7" LCD in the works that should hit the market in 3-4 weeks or less. .I am not sure if this meets you timeframe or not. I t also uses a commercially available LCD panel and not surplus.


For immediate demo/proof of concept purposes your time frame should be fine but I don’t know if the price will meet the level we will need for a longer run, should our proposal be accepted. Maybe you could PM me an estimated unit price per 100 and 1,000. The choice of surplus here is to keep the demo cost down.


At 500 units the price we pay for the LCD is less than the price quoted on your link. The design will be open source, so you would be in a position to adapt it to your needs and build it yourself.


Gerald, by “build it yourself” do you mean the LCD? The price sounds right.


Open source means all of the files, schematic and CAD, along with the BOM are provided. You can then take it to any Manufacturer and have them build it for you. That is what I mean by build it yourself.


A slightly off-topic question in the context of LCD+T/S…

I’ve seen those $80 ARM 400MHz Winbond nettops (wannabe’s) and many $50 portable/personal media players, with 7" TFT’s… even assuming their BOM to be made up of inferior quality components, I wonder is it just that, or true mass-production which permits them to make products that cheap, yet if I am out in the market for a TFT+TS with the BB interface, I can’t find one within those price ranges. Or are there other factors at play ? Can someone hoping to turn something based on BB into 1000 unit volume, can one hope to achieve those price figure ? Or one can expect those only for 100K units or so ?

Also, has anyone attempted integrating a 3.5" / 4.3" TFT LCD, and T/S with BB, and managed to produce it in sub $20 in say 500-1000 unit qty’s ? Any open source attempts ? Or am I dreaming.

hi guys,

seems that there is still interest in getting lcd panels on
beagleboard. we have gotten something to work with a 10.1 inch screen.
but we were busy for the past few months so could not get the ordering
process up.

here is something which was tested and working about 8-9 months ago.

we would like to provide the package which includes
1. an interface board
2. a cable
3. an lcd panel (such as the lvds 10.1 inch in the picture)
4. header connectors for J3/j4/J5

as a start. any takers? you will need to solder the J3/J4/J5
connectors on your beagleboard on your own which could be quite
tedious(especially J4/J5) if you are not good at soldering.


I'd like to know the answer to this question too. I can't imagine how
they are able to come up with those prices.

-- Stephen

Hi Kiam,
Im a Sri Lankan Engineering undergraduate Student. I am currently
developing a device using beagleboard -xm and need a LCD to support my
design. I would like to buy the LCD panel with require components.
Have you commercially launched this product to the community



I'd like to know more too.
So far I have found

But i need the expansion connector too!

Back at the end of May Gerald had said:

We have a 7"LCDin the works that should hit the market in 3-4 weeks or less. .I am not sure if this meets you timeframe or not. I t also uses a commercially availableLCDpanel and not surplus.

Has this mateialized as yet?


Yes it has. Can you buy one today? No. Can you get one in about a month? Yes. 500 units are being built up. Some information should be out in the next few days and once it is I will post it to the group.

So, what is the hold up? Software support.


Thanks for the update.