ML + Embedded Project

Hi everyone I’m an ML Enthusiast and an Embedded Systems Explorer. In GSOC 2022, there was one project “Running Machine Learning Models on Bela” and in GSOC 2023 there was one project “OpenGLES Acceleration for DL”.
Can we expect similar ML+Embedded projects for this year’s GSOC as well?

@lorforlinux , @dhruvag2000 please confirm

Maybe @giuliomoro or @jarm can comment on audio mentoring this year.

For general ML+embedded, i plan to share an idea to make a real-time commercial detector. i will provide details in the next couple of days.

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Finally posted Enhanced Media Experience with AI-Powered Commercial Detection and Replacement. Needs a lot of love. Hope people like the idea.

I sure do, that is a great project.

@TheUnknown_Man @foxsquirrel and others monitoring this thread, we would love to hear your thoughts on this idea: