mmc0: error -110 whilst initializing SD card

Looking through the archives and around the net, it seems that this is
a fairly common problem, but it isn't clear to me if this is an SD
card speed issue, or I've also seen reference to a kernel patch for

Anyway, I was getting this intermittently on reboots, like 1 in 5 or
so. This morning I got 3 in a row and then the board came up. My
shop area is a little chilly, I'm wondering if it might be thermal,
also? Is there something I can/should do about this?

Unless “a little chilly” means below freezing, heat is not the problem.

It's acting like a race during init. I just updated the kernel to
maverick v2.6.37.2-x3, and it happens often, and many times in
a row now. It just took me 5 tries to get the board to boot.

What *does* cause this?

Found it: 6 month old kernel bug:

sdhc affected by preemption.
When going from PREEMPT_VOLUNTARY to PREEMPT_NONE the problem goes


Could this be your problem:


That patch is already included in that version of the kernel he's using.:

what's really weird, on my 2.6.38-rc image, that error still can
occur, BUT doesn't stop boot as it eventually finds the mmc card


this get's more interesting, since they have
"CONFIG_PREEMPT_VOLUNTARY=y" set for their 2.6.38-rc natty armel

I have "CONFIG_PREEMPT" enabled in mine..

I'll try it on OFF on a couple mmc cards i have here..