RAM 1GB option


Are there any plans to increase RAM to 1GB instead of 512MB at BBB? I understand that this move can only be based on support of the majority of user, therefore I wonder how many people would vote for this

I've seen custom boards from CircuitCo with this option available,
they boot just fine with the current images.. Not sure about their
minimum order #'s..


If it were a few dollars bump in cost +1 for me.

You need to ask the President as to his plans. Considering the fact hat the cost of the board will jump in price, most likely not.

I will be producing boards in the future with this option.



do you mean BBB or X15? :slight_smile:

That has 2GB... :wink:


Now offering 1GB DRAM option on our BeagleBoneBlack Rev C NoLgo board.

Special Computing has restarted full production of our NoLogo board products.

We will release more stock for public sale after our internal project needs are met.

Bill Mar
Special Computing

I mean a BBB type board.

X15 has 2G. I may do my own version with 4G.

Again, it is up to the President. Although he appears to be focused on cloning with his new Green initiative.


Nice Bill!


who is “the President”? I know only one person whose position is written from a capital letter - a black guy in the white house :slight_smile:

El Presidente JDK.


can’t even guess what JDK is. I know only Java Kit

Jason D. Kridner

Well, guess the Green was more in-the-dark than I thought. My goal is to try to verify quality and software compatibility of clones/variations, including official Gerald-himself-designed variations. That seems to be of value to the community in my estimation. Corrections welcome.

Great to see this out there as an option! I’ll have to let some of my customers know it is available if they need a little extra power on their hacking drones.

LOL!!! If you only knew…


What is a NoLgo board?

A board without the beagleboard.org LOGO or BeagleBone Black LOGO on it.

In other words, one built by someone from the open source information and using their own assembly shop and their own testing process.


Thanks. I absolutely misread it as NoLgo and was not coming up with a
reasonable unraveling of the NoLgo acroynm. I thought Lgo was a new
compound that is unhealthy that I had never heard of. Like lead-free.

Well, I am not saying it is or it sin’t. Words mean different things to different people and if LOGO we an acronym, it could mean anything!