RE: On All Channels and Flipping Out/Finding Out About Stepper Motors and Wiring from Kysan 1124090 - 7565/Using the Replicape for my BBB


I think I already harassed the people at Replicape Slack channel too much about my singular concerns. Anyway, I am going to reach out here.

I have a (many) Kysan 1124090 - 7565 stepper motors. I am turning the PrintrBot 1403 into a BBB/Replicape build for fun. The fun just crossed me as an anger issue.

I will tell you why:

  • The Kysan steppers (most of their models) have from left to right:
  • Blue, Yellow, Green, Red- I have not found a code to go along w/ these wirings.
    Okay, so…

I am using the Replicape on my BBB to turn this PrintrBot 3D Printer into a nice piece of machinery since I want to make the switch.

Does anyone know about these Kysan stepper motors and why the wiring on the motors is B, Y, G, R instead of Code 1 or another code? If so, which is probably a dated answer, please reply.

The motors are probably prior to 2011 when they were mfg. and sold. I have an older machine w/ the original steppers. They work! This is good news!


  • For some reason:
  • The Replicape keeps making my motors whine and hiss.
  • I am not blaming the Replicape or the people who mfg. this Cape for the BBB.
  • I like the Cape and I plan on keeping this Cape configured to my BBB for use w/ the PrintrBot until completion.
  • I plan on making a post about it one day b/c of PrintrBot fans and BBB fans. I know, fanaticism!- So:
  • If you are reading this message and have some nice input, please do reply.
  • I sure could use some background info. on these motors while searching online for more info. on them.

P.S. I can control most of the steppers so far but they hiss like they want to attack. The endstops work too. I have two endstops and one inductive sensor, a 3D Printer build, and four steppers.


Once more…I did receive some advice on this issue w/ the stepper wiring issue I came across. The person told me that the motors might turn in the “wrong” direction after finding out about which two wires are connected to what coil.

So, if you are an avid user of 3D Printing products or a motor enthusiast, reply, add ideas, or just opine.


P.S. I am sure there are more ideas circulating about the Replicape and steppers.

So take an ohm-meter to find out which pairs are connected to each
coil. Or...

Red/Green and Yellow/Blue (small diagram in middle of page)

  You may have to experiment to determine the phase needed for proper
direction control. See middle of

  It took less than 5 minutes to locate those sources with motors
matching your color list.

{Took me longer to catch that I'm having problems posting using my normal
scheme via gmane, and have to email replies around gmane to Google itself}

Hey Mr. Dennis,

I looked around online via google and those sites did not pop up. Besides that idea, get this!

Only one side of the stepper is threaded, right. This threaded side is for machine screws to hold the stepper together, right. So…

  • First:
  • The machine w/ this specific, and the only of the four, stepper was mfg. (put together) w/ the machine screws on the incorrect side.- Second:
  • This made the machine barely able to hold itself together if it was not for, and get this, a STICKER!
    The sticker that read Kysan 1124090 7565 was holding the stepper together.


P.S. I ordered some machine screws to handle what I thought would fix this issue but now it is modification time. I need to tap and use bigger machine screws for the other side of the stepper since they put the machine together like this:

threaded end → screw in machine screw → through the stepper → to an end w/ no threads → to another set of machine screws that just were placed in the stepper end w/out threads! Blah!

Hey Sir,

Thank you for your reply. I told you all that mess before, the stepper issues w/ the machine screws and threaded parts, b/c it got in my way of testing for coils and getting my 3D Printer up and running w/ the Replicape and Redeem.


P.S. I will search those links you posted to view the data.

Google search
    kysan stepper motor specs

second link was
which has the link to a data sheet

  The other two were found by scrolling the /images/ section of Google
looking for candidates with your color scheme, and then opening the related
web page for the image.

Hello Sir,

I am getting hit back to the fastener age right now. The stepper, since it was hanging on by a sticker (literally), needs to be completely sealed from outer debris and particles.

So, w/ this in mind, I am stuck finding a way to seal, fasten, and make the stepper work. Thank you for the links. I will review them shortly. “kysan stepper motor specs” worked, heh? I missed that one.


P.S. I am having to tap, fasten, and completely reassemble this motor. Fun…at times. Finding fasteners w/ the exact length…testing. Knowing it is all for the BBB and Replicape…unforgettable. Anyway, off to look up the link. Thank you again, sir.

Hey Sir,

Seth here. Look here: This is some co. selling these motors but they have a link on that page for the datasheet:



P.S. That photo describes the issue or the cure. I will find out soon. Anyway, thank you for not giving up on me and my quest.

Hello Everyone,

If anyone is following along, look at these:

  1. My wires are listed as:

  2. Blue

  3. Yellow

  4. Green

  5. Red

  6. I think I can just switch out the Blue and Yellow wiring b/c of these:




Oh and:


Thank you to anyone who participated.

I needed support when I knew little. I figured out that b/c of how the drivers are set up, thank you jon_c, the old driver model was faulty in that the expectation for numbered wiring and enables were not needed any longer.

This is of course due to me, myself, and I. I took the old board apart and tried to plug and play w/ the Replicape which had completely different drivers. Yikes! I know I was goofing up.


P.S. Anyway…I think blue goes where yellow went and yellow goes where blue went. The listed photos helped me come to this summary on my way back down to the stone age. I say stone age b/c of things happening that were out of my control, e.g. steppers being held on by stickers and things like that idea made me “stone age” myself back in time.


Scratch that…

This is the wiring now:

  1. Blue (A1) 1. Blue (2B)
  2. Green (B1) 2. Yellow (2A)
  3. Yellow (A2) 3. Green (1B)
  4. Red (B2) 4. Red (1A)

Okay…now we are moving in current times!


Damn it…and I am sorry,

I think this is it:

  1. Red (A1) 1. Blue (2B)
  2. Green (B1) 2. Yellow (2A)
  3. Yellow (A2) 3. Green (1B)
  4. Blue (B2) 4. Red (1A)


P.S. I am messing up big time. So, everything needed adjusting, wire wise.

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What do all the e-mails from you below have to do with the Beaglebone?

BBB and Replicape!


Here is the answer!



You should try chicken wire or duck tape to hold your motor together

Except they have nothing to do with using the BBB or cape themselves --
they are all external parts wiring, and you are basically posting (and
quoting) every idea you have with regards to such wiring. We don't really
care that you have a motor that was improperly manufactured -- that's
between you and the place you got the motor.

  It's a stepper motor with four wires... If all the wires were the same
color, there are only 4*3*2*1 => 24 ways you can connect that motor.

  At 5 minutes per test, it would only take a maximum of 2 hours to find
the correct setup. There are two ways each coil could be wired (call them
positive and negative phase), and two pairs for the coils A/B or B/A.

Hey Sir,

Seth here. I was setting up a tutorial on changing out the PrintrBoard Rev. D/CURA to a BBB and Replicape/Redeem/OctoPrint set up on some site online…

Anyway…I guess you are right. Those ideas had nothing to do w/ the BBB in the short term. I guess I should not share or divulge info. in case others are
going through the same thing as me. I really do not know how popular the BBB is these days or if the Replicape is popular but I am enjoying learning on both.

I think I started a discussion instead of looking for assistance but thank you all for pointing out what an absolute annoyance I am!


P.S. I will apologize. I, Seth, am sorry for posting exciting information for people using the Replicape, BBB, and changing out their 3D Printer controller w/ said hardware.

Anyway...I guess you are right. Those ideas had nothing to do w/ the BBB in
the short term. I guess I should not share or divulge info. in case others
going through the same thing as me. I really do not know how popular the
BBB is these days or if the Replicape is popular but I am enjoying learning
on both.!forum/uncle-chucks-3d-printer-stuff
might be more suited for the hardware side that you've been having problems
with. I don't know -- I don't intend to wrestle with GoogleGroups highly
unintuitive interface and that group doesn't seem to be duplicated on

P.S. I will apologize. I, Seth, am sorry for posting exciting information
for people using the Replicape, BBB, and changing out their 3D Printer
controller w/ said hardware.

  If it were "exciting information" I doubt there would be a level of
annoyance... But "I tried connecting this way -- it's not working" "I
changed to these connections -- still not working", etc. gets stale real
fast (especially when you never trim quoted material, so the same stuff
gets posted over and over).

  "Exciting information" would have been a post of


Forget all that mess. I got the stepper(s) tested and the coils match up but the red and green wires for the first coil need to be switched for the TMC2100 drivers that are on the Replicape. Although, they, the people behind the Replicape, are leaning on updated boards, one fellow said he would still support the Replicape.

I am guessing that this will only last so long of a period before they get swamped w/ new customers and have to support only their board and not the Cape. Who knows, really?


P.S. I do appreciate support at times but all the etiquette lessons need to stop. I prefer discussions on subjects. I mean this idea holds true; everything is not up front. Anyway, thank you.

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