Requesting access to Gitlab to fork gateware

I have requested access to * BeagleV-Fire

Do I need access to be approved, before trying to fork the project. I am receiving an error during the fork operation from Gitlab.

@coaic and you are now enabled… (it’s our ci/gitlab bot spam protector)…


Thanks Robert.

There’s a problem if you need to be added as a developer. Permission should just be making an account, not adding as a member to the project.

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I’m also having this problem - when I try to fork on Gitlab I get an error. Is there something I need to do or will access be granted in due course?

Hey yeah same here with my @Platima account.

Appears to be a default restriction setting a personal namespace project limit of 0?

    "message": {
        "limit_reached": [
            "You cannot create projects in your personal namespace. Contact your GitLab administrator."

Please share your username… All new users need to be manually approved to protect from BOT spam…


Thank you for the reply.

My username is @aloveday


Hey shared mine and the comment was approved, before you replied, but still appears locked?

Okay, both are now enabled

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Please enable me to fork. My account is bustedwing1. Thanks


Thanks! it works

Legend, thank you. Will put out the video showing step by step how to fork/customise/build/deploy in the next day or two!

Hi @platima, Yesterday I got blinky working! I screen recorded the session to help me remember the steps. it’s here if you’re interested (the last two videos in the list). Click the “YouTube” button to view in HD.

Hey mate awesome work!

I’ll let you know when mine goes up. Decided to try to learn Verilog (it’s like eating bullets IMHO) and just expanding past the guide a little bit.

This is an awesome first video though, would definitely recommend doing more as the BeagleV-Fire topic is hot… no pun intended!

Hi @platima, some inspiration if you want to learn Verilog: Verilog, Formal Verification and Verilator Beginner's Tutorial. There’s a couple of interesting exercises in these tutorials you could do to enhance the basic Verilog blinky described here: Customize BeagleV-Fire Cape Gateware Using Verilog — BeagleBoard Documentation

Thanks! Verilog is a mind bender, but once you get the knack… it’s kinda cool. I have a Verilog Youtube playlist which might be helpful. it’s intended to be a gentle intro to Verilog.
ps: I loved your BeagleV-Fire Unboxing video. You provided a ton of useful info.

Yeah I am kind of getting it. Close to ASM than C, but then little things like = vs <= took me a hot minute, along with concatenation operators being right to left, eg {3, 2, 1, 0}, and then dealing with clock edges etc is a bit of a new concept. Fun either way though!

Glad you liked the video, much appreciated! Another one going out in a week or two!

Hey thanks for that info, much appreciated!