SDCard guaranteed to work with AI-64

Hi Guys,

I’m having loads of problems with various SDCards here.

Is there one that someone can recommend that works?




Try the reset button.


P.S. So far, I have found that it is not the SD Card or the network. The board just needs a quick reset to install the OS.


Thanks for the info but I am not installing the OS I am booting from SDCard to test things out.




I do not understand.


Sorry I thought when you said “install the OS” you meant “Install the OS from SDCard to EMMC”?

The problems I am having: AI-64 - SD Problems

I am using these SD cards on both the BBAI-64 and older BBAI: " SanDisk Ultra SDSQUNS-032G-GN3MN 32GB 80MB/s UHS-I Class 10 microSDHC Card". On the BBAI-64 I have only had it a few weeks and have booted from said SD card maybe a dozen times total, so not a huge test count.

I personally had issues with the Samsung PRO Endurance cards, but was able to use the Samsung EVO line seemingly fine.

Definitely more issues around SD cards than I would have thought.

Hi @RRathmann,

Thanks for the reply.

I have two Samsung EVOs that don’t work, weird.

After I posted yesterday I ordered a SanDIsk Extreme, if that doesn’t work I will get one of the Ultras.



Hello @AndrewCapon ,

Seth here once more. Sorry for not understanding earlier in this post.

  1. Are you just trying to boot into u-boot w/ SD Card instead of eMMC?
  2. Are you using an OS or w/out GUI OS?

Like @RRathmann stated, UHS-I and Class 10 should do it. I have a 128GB card, an older Micro SD Card at that idea, that booted the OS that the provided (one of their images).

Anyway, if, at least when I am using the AI-64 w/ this specific image, the board does not boot, I just hit the reset button and it then boots to the SD Card (UHS-I Class 10).


P.S. Anyway, if you have any more details as to how you are building, I can then understand more about what exactly you are doing.

I’ve had best luck with SanDisk Extreme’s…

Right now, PNY and Samsung EVO’s are not working for me…


Hi Guys,

Thanks for the info.

I’m even getting troubles with SanDisk extremes, I got two to make sure!

@RobertCNelson if in uboot you type saveenv does that work?

Also you don’t by chance know how to saveenv to the emmc do you?

ah, yeah i should probably configure that…

Right now it’s set as:

Normally, i do something like:


but on bbai64, we have that dedicated fat partition:

So i should set it as:


(need to double check 0:1 is eMMC) i don’t have a board booted right this second…

Pushed, this is working now:

Press SPACE to abort autoboot in 2 seconds
=> saveenv
Saving Environment to FAT... OK
=> reset
resetting ...