Very slow BeagleV-Ahead

Some of the boards based on TH1520 similar to the BeagleV-Ahead have decent video playback capabilities and look quite usable as desktop computers. On my BeagleV-Ahead with Ubuntu, playing a HD video with MPV I have one frame every three seconds. When I launch Epiphany, the only browser available in the repositories, it slows down to a crawl. Another issue I have is that Ubuntu only works once after flashing the image to the eMMC with fastboot. After the next reboot it just restarts to a blank screen with the pointer visibile.

I am using Ubuntu as provided by BeagleBoard. Am I missing something?

Hi @Dario grab the revyos build:

They have access to all the closed SDK git tree’s and have working acceleration. Where as Drew and I are most interested in Mainline support, then hacking up closed drivers…


While I dislike closed drivers, I hoped I could at least use it until stuff is being ironed out. With RevyOS it works definitely better. At least it can play 1080p videos. Thank you for pointing out.

I still have a problem with it being slow after the first reboot: it works okay soon after flashing the OS to eMMC. On subsequent boots it slows down every time there is something moving on screen.

I hoped I could use my BeagleV-Ahead as a media center computer with Kodi. Do you think this is a viable option as of today? Are there other distributions I can try out?

RevyOS is doing that, part of the mess they had to deal with, Vector 0.7.1 vs Vector 1.0 in ubuntu, this required them rebuilding glibc/gcc and really the whole stack… T-Head has a patched toolchain for that, and they haven’t been submitted to mainline gcc, that alone takes maintaince, and they are doing that… (Nor would GCC/glibc even take it, the whole 0.7.1 vs 1.0 is a cluster…)

Honestly, today your better off with the PI for that.

RISCV64 and the TH1520 is still so brand new, there is a ton of development that still needs to be done to make what you want viable and stable.


OK. Thank you.

Would the BB AI64 work for this application?