Beagle bone Blue Uart debug port issue

Hi All,
I am using beaglebone blue and I habe an issue using uart debug port, I always get this message " 1.734722] Kernel panic - not syncing: Fatal exception in interrupt "

when I connect the beagle board to laptop usb port, I searched for this issue and I found a solution saying that the issue is in the current so I need to connect a 2A power source but when I connect the 2A power source I am not able to get a clear message " ����wo�����w�����������w���u{{��w���}{������������뵳�����{uw�{���m��������mm"
and also I used the 12V power supply and I got same “����wo�����w�����������w���u{{��w���}{������������뵳�����{uw�{���m��������mm”

Hello @moutiry, and welcome to our little corner of the Internet.

Unfortunately the “rear-end” of the trace isn’t as informative as the beginning.
Could you grab the whole thing plus a few lines before the oops, in text form for us please?
( the scroll-bar isn’t working for me in an image, hehe )

As for the gibberish at the end, make sure your terminal is at 115200;
sometimes it helps to reset terminal after changing the line speed.

@moutiry welcome,
are you booting from emmc or sdcard ??
what OS and version ??
is there anything plugged into the bbblue other than usb-serial ??
are you connecting to a linux or windows machine (include version) ??
are you able to ssh into the bbblue @ ??

all this helps to help you,